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Mission Control

LARAs are no ordinary virtual coins. LARAs aim to empower users’ and boost confidence by overcoming challenges other cryptocurrencies have faced.

Built with inherent unique qualities, LARA’s use case was rigorously tested and proven before releasing to the public. No other cryptocurrency has achieved the same feat, making ELARA’s crypto LARA, light-years beyond the rest.

A Tool For Social InclusionAnd Sustainability

At the core of the LARA crypto development, is the desire to enhance social inclusion and sustainability. Our cryptocurrency LARA seeks to fight inequality in healthcare access by giving patients control of their health and wellbeing.

A Crypto Designed For Orbit

LARA is designed for utilisation rather than speculation. We have a robust plan already in place to ensure LARA is continually in use. First, health professionals can accept payment in LARAs. Secondly, the cryptocurrency will be distributed to the less privileged communities. In addition, smart contracts ensure the community pool is topped up by channelling a percentage of revenues to the pool. All these measures boost LARA’s liquidity and ensure it is perpetually in use.


Enhancing Data PrivacyAnd Transparency

ELARA’s cryptocurrency LARA is integrated with the Health-Connect platform to enhance data privacy and transparency. LARA is an ERC-20-compliant token built on the Ethereum network. These tokens set the rules for transaction approval, token transfer, and access to token data.

Unlike a centralized system, decentralized blockchain technology enables patients to control their data without relying on third parties. Patients will retain ownership of their health data if third-party systems fail or stop existing. ELARA’s smart-contract development in partnership with the Health-Connect platform eliminates the operations interdependence between medical records and health systems.

Health-Connect establishes an open and secure data pool that enables interaction between patients and healthcare providers. Creating a data repository that will enhance networking between patients and healthcare providers is part of ELARA’s ambitious plan of developing a universal health and wellbeing ecosystem.

Placing Health Data Control In The Hands of Patients

Ethically, private clinics are unable to treat patients without access to their health records. As a result, patients are usually susceptible to delays sometimes endangering their lives. This is where ELARA and Health-Connect come to the rescue.

The ELARA smart-contracts and cryptocurrency LARA, are based on a decentralised blockchain technology that enhances data privacy and transparency. The virtual coin gives patients more control of health data eliminating the inherent inequality problem in the health sector.